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Tantillus Reborn

Chapter 14 – BOM / Downloads


basic-Kit / custom parts
1 housing Acryl, 5mm, laser cut DIY or contact form
1 silicone damper für heated bed DIY or contact form
1 silicone sock for hotend DIY or contact form
1 Pertinax / FR2 0,5mm, laser cut DIY or contact form
1 tranfer glue 3M 468MP, laser cut DIY or contact form
1 printed parts max layerheight 0,2mm, 40% infill, 2-3 perimeter, PLA or better, parts around the hotend at least made of PETG DIY or contact form
>2 bottles beer choose your favorite brand supermarket
1 LCD 2004, incl. SD-Slot und Encoder ebay
1 controller MKS Gen V1.4 Amazon
1 stepdown LM2596 ebay
1 fan 80x80x25, 12V ebay
1 stepper driver TMC 2208, incl. cooler, 4 piece-Set Watterott
1 heated bed 100x100x2mm, 106W Aliexpress
1 thermistor 3950
1 PSU Leicke 24V, 150W Amazon
3 hall-sensor A3144, 3 Stück ebay
3 magnet Neodym, d=4mm, h=1mm Maqna
2 radial blower Sunon GB1205PKV1-8AY ebay
1 plug set JST-XHP Amazon
7 magnet Neodym, d=6mm, h=6mm Maqna
2 magnet Neodym, d=3mm, h=6mm Maqna
4 bearing 688 ZZ ebay
8 bearing 608 ZZ ebay
2 bearing MR105ZZ ebay
4 linear bearing LM8UU ebay
6 bearing F624ZZ ebay
12 sinter bronce bearing id=8mm, ad=12mm, l=12mm ebay
3 dowel pin DIN 7, not hardened, d=4mm, l=20mm ebay
2 linear shaft
(XY-axis, with bore)
D=8mm, l=220mm, not hardened, calibrated,  (1.2210), h9, better h6 ebay – Pietrzak
2 linear shaft
(XY-axis, driven)
D=8mm, l=200mm, 1.2210 or 1.1213
h9, better h6
 ebay – Pietrzak
2 linear shaft
D=8mm, l=200mm, hardened, calibrated, CF53 (1.1213),  h6  ebay – Pietrzak
2 linear shaft
(spool roller)
D=8mm, l=100mm, 1.2210 or 1.1213
h9, better h6
ebay – Pietrzak
2 linear shaft
D=8mm, l=170mm,  1.2210 or 1.1213
h9, better h6
 ebay – Pietrzak
2 stepper 1,8°, 1,7A, max.40mm length ebay
1 stepper 0,9°, 2,7A, max.50mm length ebay
1 spring 0,5 x 4,5 x 12mm ebay
1 toothed belt GT2, 6mm, 1m Aliexpress
1 fishing line Spectra, 0,5mm, woven ebay
2 toothed belt endless, 100 teeth/200mm Aliexpress
1 pulley GT2, 20T, 5mm bore Aliexpress
2 pulley GT2, 36T, 5mm bore Aliexpress
2 pulley GT2, 36T, 8mm bore Aliexpress
hotend / extruder
1 Merlin-Hotend Set with nozzle, heater cartridge and thermistor Protoworx
1 pushfit 4mm tube, M6, iD 4,3mm Aliexpress
1 extruder drive gear MK7, id 5mm Aliexpress
1 dowel pin DIN 7, not hardened, d=5mm, l=8mm ebay
1 stepper 1,8°, 1,7A, max.40mm lang ebay
1 spring 0,8 x 4,7 x 20mm Aliexpress oder ebay
1 ptfe tube Id=2, ad=4mm Aliexpress
option: Pi-Zero
1 stepdown LM2596 ebay
1 Raspberry Pi Zero-W Pimoroni
1 micro SD-Card 16GB, Class 10 Amazon
option: UPS
Option: magnetic heatbed
1  magnetic foil  110x110mm, Schallenkammer Graviflex 200 DIY or contact form
 1 or X spring steel 100x100x0,5mm, 1.4310 DIY or contact form

Note on dowel pins, etc.
Sometimes on ebay and Co small parts like the cylindrical pins are very expensive if you include the shipping costs. When purchasing the screws, it is usually worth purchasing the cylindrical pins from the screw dealer of your choice. A good address is e.g.

A complete list of screws in Excel format can also be found on Github.


Here you can download a preconfigured Repetier firmware.

CLICK ME – Github

Version of the Repetier-Firmware is 1.0.1

The firmware also contains a modified uimenu.h, more information here.

The firmware must be compiled with a current Arduino IDE and loaded onto the board. Possibly you have to install an additional FTDI driver, because the MKS to board is equipped with an FT232 USB to UART communication chip.

If you want to update to a possibly more current version, you can upload the config.h from the preconfigured firmware into the Repetier-Online-Configurator.
The settings are copied and transferred to the new version. Of course you can also make changes before downloading the new version. Please note that the changes to the uimenu.h are not taken over by the Repetier Configurator. If you download the complete firmware, this file has to be exchanged or the modification has to be done again!

Whether the modified uimenu.h can be used in future versions is questionable.

Download – stl/dxf

Here you can download all necessary stl’s for the print parts and all dxf’s for the lasercut parts.

CLICK ME – Github

Contact form for printed or lasercut parts

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