Tantillus Reborn

Chapter 15 – FAQ


How much does it cost to build the Tantillus?
Parts vary partly daily in price. Who strictly adheres to the links from the BOM has to pay >490€ including the Pi-Z option packages, purchased laser, print and silicone parts. Without Pi-Z and UPS it is about 50€ less. Those who laser, print and water themselves save another 70-80€.

Why are there some Aliexpress links in the BOM, so I have to wait forever for the parts?
The linked Ali-shops are tested, deliver good quality and with the corresponding shipping option sometimes very fast (<3 weeks)

Which material should I use for the printed parts?
We mostly used PLA. PETG is also a good choice. The parts for the XY connector/hot end mount should at least be printed from PETG, this part is exposed to the entire heat radiation of the hot end and heated bed, PLA does not withstand in the long term.

What print settings should I use?
Ultimately depends on the nozzle and other parameters. For orientation: <=0.2mm layer, 3 perimeters, 40% infill; support material is not necessary for any part. Support material is already included in the stl files in necessary places.

Can the Tantillus also be operated with a toothed belt instead of a fishing line?
Yes. This is possible with modified printed parts.

Can I use another board?
Of course. The cut-outs for the USB connection and/or the hole for the mounting will then almost certainly not fit.

Which maximum part size can the Tantillus print?
The heated bed is 100x100mm. The maximum mechanical travel is 105x105mm. With the Merlin-Hotend a maximum height of up to 106.3mm can be achieved.

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