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Tantillus Reborn

Chapter 17 – Concluding Remarks

Congratulations you have managed to torment yourself through more than 10000 words of documentation!

We wish you a lot of fun while building your TR!

Please remember, if something doesn’t work, it’s like E3D hotends.
In case of doubt, the „customer“ has assembled it incorrectly 😉

personal conclusion:

Lars aka toolson:
My thanks go first and foremost to Manuel, without him I would probably never have realized my vision of a reborn TR. It was a lot of fun to develop the printer in a team. The result clearly shows the power of teamwork, we can be proud of it.

Especially the fact that Manu has taken all available pitfalls has helped a lot. (You know how I mean that;) )


Manuel aka Protoprinter:
My thanks go to Lars, who discovered the printer’s potential long before me and fixed me in the first place. My thanks also go to my family, who suffered from my occasional distraction from remarkably often oversalted food and could read setbacks on my face.

The teamwork was incredibly productive, refreshing and, in contrast to our correspondence, always at a high level. Lars managed to keep the central theme of the overall concept, even though my imagination occasionally went through with me. The meticulous CAD work in advance paid off and largely prevented planning errors. The result is impressive, as is the result of the result (printed parts). I hope that one or the other imitator will be found and that the printer will develop further. A realization I didn’t expect before the project: Lars is funny!

And last but not least:
Our thanks also go at this point to our hard-working editors Alexander and Gregor, who, with their annoying but open-minded way have given their final polish to this documentation. All remaining errors in the documentary can probably be attributed to the distraction of all participants in the slack by non-Tantillus relevant topics. (Images of ready-to-eat animal parts, images of highly industrially processed foodstuff before intoxication, excursions into brewing and the function of biological purification stages in their own garden, photo-documentary evidence of the existence of vampires) The two have also helped enormously not to lose sight of the declared goal: simply to have fun!


Despite all the care taken, errors may have crept in or issues may be unclear.
That’s what the contact form is for. Please use this only for polite and clearly formulated inquiries. Answering requests is a lot of work, please think about it before you write a request and respect it maybe not to get an answer.

You are also welcome to make placement requests for printed or laser ed parts of the Tantillus R.

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