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Tantillus Reborn

Chapter 9 – Spool roller

Many printers simply forget about spool holders. In the end, a spool roller is then placed as an additional part somewhere next to the printer or holders are attached somewhere that look like foreign objects.f

The Tantillus was also designed from the start for mobile use, so it is essential that the TR has an integrated spool roller.

We have invested a lot of time in this supposedly so banal topic. Several prototypes were designed and built to find a truly satisfying solution.
Due to the small size of the Tantillus, the filament spool could not be integrated inside. Protruding holders were also out of the question.

The solution was an extendable spool roller. As in many other components, we use a combination of printed and lasered parts.
The spool roller is magnetically locked in the retracted as well as in the extended state; ball-bearing shafts ensure low-noise and smooth running.
Rolls up to approx. 70 mm can be safely used on the spool roller, so the spools of almost all common manufacturers up to approx. 1.1kg fit.

mounting instructions:

step 1 – prepare parts

  • press magnets and nuts into the plastic parts at the intended position
  • cut M3 thread into the inner bearing retainer
  • press the remaining bearings into the inner bearing retainer and secure with pan-head screws

step 2 – glue bearings

  • stick one bearing 688-2Z with bearing adhesive or superglue to each end of a linear shaft

When gluing, ensure that the shaft end is flush with the bearing. Use the adhesive sparingly and work quickly. Especially the loctite bearing adhesive attracts VERY quickly. The bonding can only be destroyed again with the help of heat (approx. 180°C).

step 3 – mount outer bearing retainer

  • press the prepared/glued bearing shaft unit into the outer bearing retainer.
  • mount silicone feet (optional, use only if the printer also has feet)
  • screw on lasered housing part
  • attach the middle section to the shafts

step 4 – mount inner bearing retainer

  • insert free shaft ends from the unit prepared in step 2 into the bearings of the inner bearing retainer.
  • check function
  • bond the bearing to the shaft

step 5 – final assembly

  • Check that the spool roller unit is working properly and screw it to the housing of the Tantillus.

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