TR – Cooling – EN

Tantillus Reborn

Chapter 5 – Cooling

The pressure part cooling at the Tantillus was a quest and has thus become a special case. The aim was to move as little mass as possible and to keep everything as compact as possible.
There is simply no room for classic cooling with fans attached to the XY Carriage, and the weight would also increase again.

After countless rejected ideas, test parts and several flow simulations, the print part cooling attached to the housing was created by means of two radial fans.
With the decision not to move the fans, sufficient space was created for two powerful radial fans with sufficient cooling capacity.

The nozzles expand the air jet to a width of almost 100 mm with the least possible losses.

The print part can therefore be flushed with large quantities of cooling air from both sides. In practical use this also requires an appropriate alignment of the pressure part as the cooling air supply is not moved with the nozzle.

The concept of stationary cooling may require an adaptation phase, but it works well.

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