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Tantillus Reborn

Chapter 0 – Introduction


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Tantillus R(eborn)

(tantillus = Latin for „so small“)


In November 2017, together with my friend Protoprinter, the idea was born to build another printer at the same time.

We are both owners of large, virtually non-transportable, but very expensive printers stuffed with technology.

Especially beginners often dream of the idea to build / own the largest possible printer. Once you have finally managed to build such a device and produce reasonable prints with it, you are proud at first.
But the longer you own such a monster, the more you have to admit that:

  • 90% of all parts can be placed on a 10x10cm heatbed
  • large printers are absolutely energy inefficient
  • large printers are not transportable
  • high printing speeds are always at the expense of quality
  • the costs of construction always get out of control

So we needed a contrast printer. Off-the-shelf equipment was not an option. The idea to revive a long-forgotten RepRap classic, the Tantillus!

It combines many points that were important to us in the preliminary planning:

  • inexpensive to build
  • extremely low, moving mass
  • high energy efficiency
  • very high proportion of self-produced parts
  • easy to build
  • transportable
  • (conditionally) able to replicate itself
  • chic look

The original Tantillus was released Feb. 2012 and is from today’s view a legendary printer. The inspiring work of sublime is the cornerstone of many other RepRaps such as the 3DR Delta.
Therefore our remake proudly bears the name Tantillus R (R for reborn).

In the following we describe our thought processes during the reconstruction and have documented our path as precisely as possible.

… just a little note at the beginning

In today’s times when China is flooding the market with the cheapest equipment, simple printers are available for very little money. They don’t even have to be assembled, some Chinese person in a precarious working relationship does. Who cares?

If you just want to print cheaply, please watch the YouTube videos in which every objectivity slips on some kickbacks.
Don’t complain after two weeks if a new printer is the best on the market.
If you pay for the music, you know what you’re doing.
Face book, blog’s and forums with Ge**best-Links and vouchers are also a particularly valuable source of information.

If you are looking for an open source printer apart from that, you are invited to read on.

The Tantillus R is not necessarily the simplest entry-level printer, despite or because of its small size and simplicity. The bearing of the axles, the hot end, cooling concept,… require a basic knowledge of the subject.
With enough patience and self reliance, even beginners should be able to produce very good printed parts from the Tantillus R.

The documentation is intended to encourage reproduction, but despite all due care, errors may have crept in. Independent action and thinking is fundamentally necessary.

Note for allergy sufferers:
Attention, this preface may contain traces of irony!

The documentation has become somewhat more extensive. To keep it clear, it is divided into chapters:

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